Goose Hunting is in full swing!

Goose Hunting is in full swing!

Rocky Mountain Oysters Severance, CO

Order a plate of our world-famous Rocky Mountain oysters

Looking for a place to get classic Rocky Mountain oysters in Severance, CO? Look no further. We serve this Colorado specialty every day. You've never been to an "oyster" bar quite like this one!

We serve our Rocky Mountain oysters alongside:

  • Beef from Costa Rica
  • Buffalo from right here in Colorado

The same chef has been expertly cooking these mountain oysters for over 40 years, and the same staff has been serving them for over 20 years.

If you want a food truck for your event, you can always choose the Nut Hut. Cater your festival or party with our iconic Bruce's Bar and Restaurant food truck. You might even spot us around town.

Call 970-686-2320 now to book the Nut Hut.



  • Bruce's Bar and Restaurant

    123 1st Street
    Severance, CO 80550


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