About us

Long after most restaurants have come and gone, Bruce's Bar continues to be a popular hangout for locals, celebrities, and tourists from all over the world. The history of the well-known bar began in 1957 when Bruce Ruth bought Severance Recreation Hall and named it "Bruce's Bar".

In 1959, Bruce took the gamble of beginning to serve Rocky Mountain Oysters - a move that eventually made his business famous. It was also in the late 50's however, that Bruce claims many local residents attempted to run me out of town because the clientele and reputation of the bar. Bruce eventually initiated many changes and improvements in Bruce's which converted the locale into the popular spot it is today. It was in 1972 that Bruce's Bar received another new look when a freelance artist painted a variety of murals on the exterior. A golfer bearing a likeness to Bruce, a group of dancers, and an indigent group of bulls protesting Rocky Mountain Oysters are part of what continue to adorn the building. The continued diversification and relaxed western atmosphere of this facility still attracts people from all over the world. Through all the years, however, it appears that one of the primary reasons for the staying power of this place is the Rocky Mountain Oysters. People from all walks of life enjoy their experience here. College students, often seated right next to doctors and lawyers devour massive amounts of Rocky Mountain Oysters on All You Can Eat nights. Hundreds of Harley Davidsons line the Bruce's parking lot and sometimes pack the streets of Severance, especially during the annual Nut Run. If the building could talk, the stories it would tell would prove endless amusement. Without a doubt, it is Bruce's Bar that has helped put Severance on the map. The fact was reinforced when a sign was erected in the center of town, which bears the slogan Town of Severance - Where the Geese fly and the Bulls cry. This sign was erected and donated by the one and only Bruce Ruth. Bruce has made the town what it is. When Bruce was asked to list what contributed to his success, he was always quick to point out long-time employees who have helped build the thriving business. While the Town of Severance has boomed from its recorded population of 106 in 1990, it will always be Bruce Ruth himself who will remain a solid foundation of the Town and a big part of its history. The Tradition Lives on... Story by Sandy Lee Lindblad

The New Bruce

Bruce's was re-opened in 2008 by Bruce Carron & his family. He carries on the traditions of Bruce's while adding a more modern facility. He has also added some unique items to the oyster bar menu. Locally raised Buffalo and Yak burgers. A Yak steak that is becoming a favorite because of its unbelievable taste. Elk burgers that anyone would enjoy! Come visit Bruce's and see for yourself!


Welcome to Bruce's Bar, where we're bringin' old school back! Paul Speck, a 15-year veteran of the industry, began his journey with Bruce's in 1991. He's been coming as a regular since childhood. The opportunity to purchase Bruce's popped up and he seized it! He's so excited to bring it back to its former glory days!

He'll be bringing back the classics—live country music, swing dancing, and mouthwatering burgers—all served with a side of genuine hospitality. Join us as we revive the spirit of the country western bar, one unforgettable day at a time!